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On March 23, 2003, some motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at a local eatery and founded the MILES PER HOUR (MPH) MC. The result was an organization built on the principle of camaraderie and diversity: a brotherhood bound by principles instead of borders. Since then, MPH has set fires to the streets of Jackson, MS and surrounding states. 

MILES PER HOUR MC of Jackson, MS is one of the largest organized non-profit motorcycle clubs in Jackson. MPH promotes brotherly love through motorcycles and welcomes riders of all races, backgrounds and models. Being a well-respected organization, we participate in different charities around the state and community (ie: Toys 4 Tots, Adopt a Family and other charitable events). This dynamic motorcycle club takes great pride in promoting and enhancing the image of bikers and riders in and around the state of Mississippi. 

MPH offers a great opportunity for membership with an outstanding club. MPH members are a combined group of guys (racers, stunters, and casual riders) that believe in the copyrighted motto: “WHEN WE RIDE…..WE RIDE!”



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In Memory of Mark Sterling Nichols

                                                                                                " The #1 Stunna"


"Mission Statement"

The Confederation of Clubs Mississippi is an organization of Patch Holding Motorcycle Clubs, Associations and Individuals that have come together and share a common belief in Freedom. “LIVE FREE” and “RIDE FREE” The Confederation of Clubs Mississippi is leading the way to Unite Patch Holding Members, Associations and Independents together through: • Communication • Improving the Image of Motorcycling • Supporting Legislation for the improvement of Motorcycling • Protecting Our Rights through the Courts From our choice of life style to the choice of motorcycle we choose to ride the Confederation of Clubs Mississippi is there to protect our “Rights” and “Fight Discrimination.” Currently our rights are coming under assault from many different directions from Washington to Jackson, we have to be on guard, and always keep “One Eye Open Wide and On Legislative Representatives” If you are a member of a Club, Organization, Independent Rider or Just a Group Of Friends Out For A Sunday Ride, you need to become better informed on how to protect our ability to “Ride Free” and “Live Free.” The Confederation Of Clubs Mississippi holds meetings across Mississippi. Our meetings are always open to all who want to be better informed on their “Freedom to Ride” and “Freedom to Live.”

When We Ride We Ride

What you Ridin........


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